Aqaba development Corporation attracts sports tourism in these projects

Through a plan that will make the Special Zone eligible for this new product

Aqaba – Khalil Fiyayah .

Sports tourism is one of the most important types of tourism that contributes effectively to stimulate tourist traffic, whether internal or external, and contribute directly to the support of the national economy through making the city a centre to set up tournaments, competitions, conferences and sports camps, attracting large numbers of tourists, either for the purpose of participating in or even just to watch.

The concept of sports tourism launched by Aqaba Development Corporation would make Aqaba during a short period of concern for all involved in sports, especially that many teams need during the winter months to continue the journey of preparation for the domestic and foreign tournaments and this is available only in this charming city.

ADC initiated the beginning of making designs of an integrated sports city in accordance with the latest international standards. As well as preparing for the establishment of training pitches in the city for the sports teams and their activities.

Introducing this new type of tourism and including it in the plans to develop and support tourism in Aqaba contributes in community development and documenting the link between sporting bodies which are centralized in Northern and Central of the kingdom with the sports authorities in Aqaba and create opportunities to raise the diversity in the city.

Promoting sports tourism needs to develop sports centers and facilities containing stadiums and gymnasiums already existed and work on finding additional facilities. As well as direct and effective contribution to sports associations to develop the sport sector in general and strengthening the concept of sports tourism through fruitful cooperation with the official authorities in the city.

It is important in the regard to strengthen the contribution of the private sector either through sponsoring events and sports teams or by taking advantage of investment opportunities in the region.

Therefore, ADC supported sports associations of various kinds and activities by all possible means to promote this concept and belief in the importance of sports tourism