Exceptional weekend in Aqaba


Thousands of visitors revive the market for 96-hour and small buses turn into mobile hotels

Alanbat - Aqaba

Aqaba has attended the last four days an exceptional weekend with the number of visitors and tourists.

Aqaba did not sleep during the long weekend as Sunday was a national holiday celebrating Labor Day.

The bookings in most city hotels at various tourist classifications rated toward 100%.

Hotel Apartment has been entirely occupied by visitors of the city as well as furnished apartments.

Despite the withdrawal of major Jordanian tourist companies who run domestic flights to Aqaba and Rum and giving its priority to support tourism in Sharm for higher profits, but that did not affect the marine tourism operators like yachts.

Talabay area on the South Shore was packed with visitors who have spent good time in resorts and lived with Aqaba charming night setting on the yachts in the middle of the sea.

Along the South Street the beach crowded by cars of low income layer visitors who choose their accommodation there without a reservation setting up tents and sleeping bags throughout their stay in Aqaba.

Alanbat spotted an active movement at the commercial market downtown during the early morning hours between 2 and 4 a.m., traders said it continued to the second day Friday and third Saturday until Sunday morning.

The second commercial area known with overstocked clothing stores, lived an active economic period compared with last year, a smile to the faces of traders after an enforced absence as a result of deteriorating economic conditions that have passed them earlier.

Traders called the Government to take advantage of holidays and to integrate them with the end of the week to reflect positively on them and contribute to the revitalization of Aqaba.