100% are the Booking in Aqaba’s 5 star hotels.


Traders are waiting for ships tourists entering their stores

Alanbat - Aqaba

Room occupancy rate came to 100 percent this weekend at five-star hotels and 82% in category 4 and 3. Hotel owners and managers said the reason behind the higher percentage of booking is the long weekend which extended until Sunday. Aqaba Tourism movement has seen during the past three weeks the percentage of active tourism movement where 85 percent in bookings of most hotels.

The activity was positive on commercial traffic in Aqaba which breathed a sigh after a recession that lasted more than five months.

During the month of April more than 8 thousand foreign tourists have arrived Aqaba by ships.

Despite this influx of foreign tourism to Aqaba but traders are not commercially benefiting from these ships.

Antique and Orientals dealers said that these tourists arriving by ships do not enter their shops as they leave directly to Rum and Petra. Traders mentioned that their income mostly is from domestic tourism. Dealers of clothes and other miscellaneous are depending on domestic tourism entirely.

As for the restaurants their share of foreign tourism does not exceed 25 percent.

It is clear from Alanbat interviews with various segments of the business community in Aqaba that, without internal tourism; economic conditions would deteriorate because of the absence of foreign tourism that returned with early this month only and so far has not visited their stores.