This is the ' Beehive ' that translates the visions of His Majesty the King in Aqaba.

Mulki draws policies and Ghanem implementing them through the Technical Chamber




Alanbat - Aqaba


While the development machine spins in Aqaba, many wonder about the cell that works day night, working silently racing time and completing achievements.

Who is that implementing all those strategic projects ranging from King Hussein airport through dozens of projects that cost hundreds of millions of dinars.

In ADC the investment arm of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority – Technical Affairs Directorate, engineer Tarek Abu Tayeh was assigned to manage it.

Tayeh draw his guidelines from his Executive Manager Engineer Ghassan Ghanem, who's managed to create a ' rare ' combination of engineering and operational management in the development of Aqaba.

It is well known that ADC performs priorities determined by the Chairman of the Board and The Chief of Commissioners of ASEZA Dr Hani Mulki towards Royal vision for Aqaba to become a unique point in attracting investment and commercial traffic to its port and international airport.

This Department works to develop programs, airport development, real estate development and possible projects such as arenas of trucks, international school and cinema.

Possible projects are intended as non profit unlike larger projects such as Almatal, the tourist train, land port of Maan and compound of the Ministry of Education (public schools) and develop Middle Beach fisherman's village and median Islands in commercial areas.

The projects implemented by the technical department are the southern border crossings, AlDurra, old ports development, passenger station and internal transport, and stadiums.

The new ports system is implemented by other specialized department in this area.