Jordanian and Emarati businessmen in Aqaba.

Propitious signs of Mulki visit to Abu Dhabi

Alanbat- Aqaba

Jordanian expatriates and Emarati businessmen Visited Aqaba last weekend. They were informed on investment opportunities personally and without any prior coordination with ASEZA officials.

Visitors to the city who were interviewed by Alanbat said that their visit is for recreation and that Tala Bay and its hotels and tourism services won their admiration.

The visit comes after Dr. Hani Mulki ASEZA Chief Commissioner recent visit to UAE to promote Jordan's Gate to the world.

The businessmen Jordanian Salem Al-Qaysi and Emaraties Mohammad Althahiri and Obaid Ibrahim bin Hamid, toured in Aqaba over two days had seen large investment projects.

Businessmen expressed admiration for the Aqaba Economic Authority officials’ response and the investment arm ADC to their wishes and unload their time for Aqaba and Jordan.

AlQaysi said that after meeting the Dr Mulki in UAE has decided to visit Aqaba to be highlighted on investment opportunities.

Vice President of ADC Eng. Tareq Abu Tayeh has met with the businessmen and highlighted them on the exceptional investments opportunities in Aqaba.

After listening to their desire to invest in the North Central region; Mr. Abu Tayeh showed them the investment opportunities available in Aqaba especially in Almatal, Sports City and the Land Port and other quality investment model.

The businessmen agreed on the beauty and sophistication that no words can describe of Aqaba. They stressed that they would have more visits with a view to establishing their own investments.