Jordan prevents the entry of the infected ship ‘Marie 2’ to Aqaba port

Health department revealed that 165 are infected on board and the decision was taken four days before its arrival.



Talal Alkabariti - Aqaba


The Jordanian authorities in Aqaba refused entry the entry of the British tourist (Mary II) which has on board 3000 tourists from different foreign nationalities, to the territorial waters due to the number of its passengers by infected with ' Norovirus '.

Chief Commissioner of ASEZA Dr. Hani Mulki said that the ship was prevented from entering under the Jordanian public health Act, and the agent was requested not to enter the territorial waters.

Investment and Tourism Commissioner Sharhabeel Madi explained that ban has taken four days before the arrival of the ship.

 He said to Alanbat, that information about casualties in the ship reached to the Authority. It was communicated to the Directorate of health, maritime authorities and all institutions responsible for sea management.

After verifying the existence of infections, the ship agent was contacted and he confirmed the information, and provided ASEZA with the required information.

Madi said that the agent sent all the documents related to the ship and it was decided to prevent it from entering the Kingdom in order to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists and national health security in general.


Aqaba Health Director Dr Ibrahim Almaaiah said the number of passengers infected is 165.

He also said that he addressed the Ministry of Health and the Director of Marine Authority officially to change the path of the ship to return to the Suez Canal, to maintain the safety of the Aqaba residents and visitors of the spread of the disease in Aqaba, and Jordan.

Almaaiah pointed out that the ship was in Dubai and then headed to the Sultanate of Oman and Aqaba was the last station.

Dr Almaayah said that the number of people infected was increasing from 24 hours to 48 hours, during which they were isolated in the ship.

The disease is transmitted through the vegetables, and touching contaminated surfaces.

The symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and, and high temperatures leading to dehydration, and likely to lead to death for seniors and children because their immunity is weak.

A spokesman for the company that owns the ship “MarieII”, has confirmed the infection of Norovirus among the tourists.

The spokesman pointed out that permission was denied for the ship to dock in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman and the shores of Aqaba despite intensive negotiations with the two ports authorities.

Norovirus infects human and a number of animals such as cows and mice. It is a highly contagious viral disease transmitted through contaminated food and water contaminated by feces of the patient.

If untreated, the disease produces drought then death and most vulnerable to infection are infants, children and the elderly.  20 million are infected by Norovirus annually. A rate of 800 deaths is caused by the virus and more than 60 thousands are admitted to hospitals each year.