Why Averda earned the challenge in Aqaba?

Lifted more than 60 000 tones in two years

AlAnbat - Aqaba

In November 2014, Averda has signed a three-year contract with Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority to provide waste management services of sweep, collect solid waste and cleaning services to other cities.

It is important to point out that the city of Aqaba was the first city that Averda took over its waste management in Jordan. So far it has lifted more than 60 thousand tons of waste and employed more than 300 people; over half of them are Jordanians. Since Averda team was well aware of the challenge, we were convinced of our ability to push towards sustainable change in Jordan's coastal city to become one of the cleanest cities in the Kingdom.

Averda's work in Jordan did not meet the expectations of the population and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority only, but it has exceeded over and the evidence is that so many messages of thanks and appreciation were received by the company from public and private institutions including Royal Jordanian Navy and many citizens who witnessed the positive impact of the work of Averda and its reflection in the fields of business, trade and tourism.

Aqaba’s geographic location close to the city of Petra and Wadi Rum makes it a tourist places within the golden triangle in Jordan and makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in the Kingdom. Since Averda’s team is well aware of the ' geo-economic ' importance of Aqaba and that visitors of businessmen and tourists should enjoy waste-free city; new methods have been adopted to raise the smaller size of waste from places that are difficult for cleaning cars to reach such as docks and piers roads and narrow streets.

Because Aqaba is famous for is luxury hotels and beach resorts, and its development to become a destination for sport diving and windsurfing, city hotels are often full, especially in periods of holidays and festivals. Averda has touched and very quickly the importance of tourism revenues for both Aqaba and Jordan national economy, so and for the first time, Averda adapted the latest technology and equipment to clean the shores of Aqaba. These include equipment and techniques that support for the first time in the area of mechanical sweeping of the beach, suction and filtering techniques in order to facilitate the movement of beach-goers and ensure their safety.

Bassam Zaatari - Project Manager in Averda said that the company ' believes that its work contributed to the increase in the number of visitors and traffic in the city because it is known that clean cities attract more tourists and provide safe and clean environment, reflecting the image of Aqaba as a city attractive to business '. Zaatari said that ' the company worked hand in hand for the past year with Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority on many projects and launched several campaigns and events designed to educate the population regarding the best ways to get rid of waste products and to make a change in the method of waste management practice. He also concluded by saying: ' we are proud of our achievements of last year and believe that our commitment to Aqaba residents laid the groundwork toward eco-friendly city that has the required awareness regarding the issue of waste '.

Averda is the largest company with environmental solutions in the Middle East and Africa, specialized in integrated resource management based in Dubai for its operations in the GCC and London to serve the international markets. Averda enjoys a leading position in innovation in providing sustainable environmental solutions at the regional market and has the experience of more than 35 years of effective waste management offered to its customers in the public and private sectors, walkways, residential, commercial and industrial areas. Averda provides a comprehensive services package includes street cleaning, waste collection, treatment, disposal and recycling.

The company's work includes developing solutions for water, wastewater and solid waste for public, residential, commercial and industrial sectors, in accordance with the requirements of environmental sustainability. Averda also designs and implements comprehensive solutions relating to recover valuable resources that can be recycled as paper, metals and water.

By providing services to more than 9 million people daily, Averda is committed to the highest international standards of quality in the field of waste management, in every country operates in like Angola, Gabon and the Congo, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, the Republic of Ireland and South Africa, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.