14 University scholarships from Aqaba University of Technology

In a memorandum of understanding signed with the Private Zone

Mohammad Alkhawaldeh - Aqaba

Board of Commissioners of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority has decided to sign a memorandum of understanding with Aqaba University of Technology which provide comprehensive 14 University scholarships paid in full for the students of the community in Aqaba governorate; in various majors as of the first semester of the academic year 2016/2017 for one year renewable by mutual consent.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Dr Hani AlMulki said that the Board of Commissioners is appreciating the good gesture by the University Administration which will have considerable leverage on Aqaba students. He decided to spend 100 dinars per month per student accepted in this scholarship to cover textbooks, transportation and other needs.

AlMulki said the Aqaba Special Zone gives education sector great importance through partnership with all educational institutions in Aqaba, whether in the public or private sector for the purpose of improving educational environment and providing sophisticated levels of higher education in Aqaba to service development projects and jobs provided by these projects according to business requirements and technical qualifications.

Professor Gheith Abandah, President of AUT said the University has taken this step in order to support the community in Aqaba and enable them to complete their university studies. Indicating to the University's role in building and developing social responsibility in Aqaba and the positive effects provided by various institutions in the Special Zone.


Abandah mentioned that Aqaba University of Technology which has started this current school year  is eager to provide the best educational services commensurate with the importance and need for the labour market. He also added that the University gives discounts on tuition for the students of Aqaba governorate reaches nearly 50 percent of the fees for different majors.