Mulki presenting “Special Aqaba” to Emirates


Taking “Ayla, Saraya, and Marsa Zayed” to Abu Dhabi



Alanbat – Aqaba



Dr Hani Mulki Chief Commissioner of Aqaba economic area has accompanied the leaders of the largest 3 Real Estate projects in Aqaba “Ayla, Saraya, and Marsa Zayed” to Abu Dhabi.

He said that the UAE investment in the Aqaba special economic zone is the first and major among its Arab counterparts, with Kuwaiti investments in second place, and we aspire to strengthen Saudi investments in the region in various fields and sectors, and through real Arab investment based on the principle of partnership, we can launch investments in Aqaba area.

Mulki said, during the interactive seminar on investment opportunities in Aqaba special economic zone, organized by Jordanian Business Council in Dubai, Jordan social club, that investment areas vary and are formed into three areas: tourism, transport, logistics and trade, and various industries. The tourism sector includes medical tourism, residential and investment real estate.

The seminar was attended by Mr. Alaa Batayneh CEO Eagle Hills Jordan, Jordanian Consul in Dubai Mr. Saed Radaideh, Head of the Jordanian Business Council in Dubai Mr. Ihsan Alqatawneh, and a number of Jordanian investors in the UAE, Emirati and Jordanian businessmen, Jordanian community in Dubai.

Aqaba has about 4000 available hotel room with a very good occupancy rate, and will be joined during the coming three years, with about four thousand hotel rooms, bringing the total to 8 thousand hotel rooms. Regarding the real estate sector, there are major projects of cities as project «Ayla» which contains a golf course of international standards, and teaching college for sports and golf. There is also «Saraya» of «Eagle Hills», a project on global standards with hotels, residences, shops and entertainment. Marsa Zayed project, is a huge port for tourist boats, tourist transport and hospitality, high buildings and urban area.

Mulki saiad that Aqaba has equal income tax, fixed by 5% of the profits, which is low tax and there is no sales tax except on a small number of commodities. The experience gathered by the Jordanians in the UAE qualifies them to drive those investments and partnerships, and to be trusted advisors, actors and activists in this field and the development of Aqaba, as UAE investor who wishes to invest in Aqaba.

He praised the Emirates' success at various levels and fields. UAE has often dazzled the world in its accomplishments and achieved many innovations and services. UAE qualified to lead investments in the Arabic region, tripartite partnership among the Government sector in Jordan and Jordanian businessmen and investors, and Emirati businessmen would promote the reality of Aqaba economic towards progress.

CEO of «Eagle Hills Jordan» Alaa Batayneh said, the company «Eagle Hills» based in Abu Dhabi, has numerous investments and big projects in many countries of the world, particularly Jordan where Jordan investment worth about 2.4 billion dollars.  The company’s investments are in Jordan, Serbia, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, Nigeria, in addition to UAE.